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The Siren Depths - Martha Wells I guess ima have to be "that" guy again and not like a book everyone else likes. I honestly cant see why anyone would like or love this book. What redeeming qualities does it have? What does it do right? If you can answer Nothing, to both of those questions, congrats your just like me.

Everything I have to say in this review can be reflected on the series as a whole.

The main character, whatever his name was, has to be one of the most infuriating characters Ive ever had the displeasure of reading about. As a matter of fact there is only one character who can rival my hate for this character. There is only one character that has annoyed me on higher levels than "main character" has managed to pull off, even in his finest hour. That character is Rose from the Vampire Academy series. If you know who im talking about than you should know what I mean.
(I just checked, main characters name was Moon, no wonder i forgot.)

I mean Moon, he complains about everything. He yells, bitches and just goes off on damn near everybody. Even when people are trying to help him or be nice to him or save his life, he bitches. I couldn't understand it and it annoyed me to no end. Moon is one of the main reasons why i couldnt get into this series.

The other is the fact that these books are 65% annoying fluff descriptions.

"Do you want to come with me to the jungle" Dragon Girl says.

At that moment Dragon Boy felt the wind breeze through the halls. This wasnt an ordinary breeze, no this breeze was cold. This breeze was so cool that DB had to look up, and when he did, he saw the sun. This sun was bright, just like a sun is. But this sun wasnt just any type of bright, it was really bright. The sun was so bright that DB had to look down and when he did, he saw the dirt. Oh this wasnt regular everyday dirt, it was light brown with a hint of lavender. The coarse texture of the dirt was so smooth when he ran his fingers through it that he knew it was indeed dirt.

"Yes ill come" Dragon Boy says.

Thats the type of bull you have to deal with throughout each book except that its actually 50X worst in the books. Simple conversations that should take up like 4 lines end up taking 15 pages to get through.Without those two problems these could of been some excellent books, they had alot of potential.

So no I dont like these books, I wanted to kill myself while reading them to put it nicely.